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Vision First Resveratrol Antioxidant Power

Vision First Resveratrol can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with the highest quality of natural ingredients on the market. Offering a unique blend of antioxidants and polyphenols, our product provides powerful support against aging and other age-related problems. This product provides anti-inflammatory benefits and improvements to overall health.

This advanced extract helps protect against free radical damage while also promoting natural cellular repair. Additionally, Vision First Resveratrol supports strong immunity and encourages better absorption of nutrients from food to promote optimal organ function. With decades of research backing this specialized extract, you can trust that our product is one of the most effective resveratrol supplements available today.

Due to its potency, Vision First Resveratrol works best when taken regularly as part of your daily routine or as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. And because it is research-backed and professionally formulated, you don't need to worry about any harmful side effects or interactions with other medications. Whether you're looking for a way to improve longevity or just want to take a proactive approach toward your wellness regimen, try out Vision First Resveratrol for comprehensive support that comes backed by science!

Resveratrol (polygonum cuspidatum) (root) (Complex containin g 50% Trans-Resveratrol)

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in plants. Aside from red wine, grapes, berries, and peanuts, the top food sources are grapes, grapes, and berries. Grapes and berries tend to contain the highest concentrations of this compound in their skins and seeds. Resveratrol concentrations in red wine are particularly high since these parts of the grape are fermented with red wine. (1)(2)(3)

Resveratrol and blood lipid profiles have been extensively studied. Studies have shown that resveratrol supplements may reduce blood fat levels in animals. As part of a study conducted in 2016, mice were fed a diet high in protein and polyunsaturated fats as well as resveratrol supplements. As a result, the mice's total cholesterol levels and body weight decreased while their HDL cholesterol levels increased. A cholesterol-producing enzyme may be reduced by resveratrol. In addition to acting as an antioxidant, it may also reduce the oxidation of "bad" LDL cholesterol. LDL oxidation contributes to plaque buildup in arteries. (4)(5)(6)

Resveratrol and Brain Health

Numerous studies have found that drinking red wine slows down age-related cognitive decline. Resveratrol's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may contribute to this. Beta-amyloids form the plaques that are the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, the compound may protect brain cells from damage by triggering a chain reaction. (7)(8)(9)

Resvertrol and Insulin

Several studies have shown that resveratrol is beneficial for diabetics. This increases insulin sensitivity and prevents diabetes complications. An enzyme that converts glucose into sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, may be inhibited by resveratrol. A person with diabetes who accumulates too much sorbitol can suffer from oxidative stress, which can damage their cells. (10)(11)

Some diabetes complications are linked to oxidative stress, which resveratrol may prevent. Resveratrol may reduce inflammation, which contributes to chronic diseases like diabetes. AMPK, a protein that helps the body metabolize glucose, is activated by resveratrol. (12)

Diabetes sufferers may even benefit more from resveratrol than those without. A study found that resveratrol and red wine were more effective antioxidants in rats with diabetes than in rats without diabetes. (13)

Resveratrol and Blood Pressure

Resveratrol's antioxidant properties make it a promising supplement for lowering blood pressure. According to a 2015 review, high doses reduce heart pressure exerted on artery walls. (14)(15)

On a blood pressure reading, systolic blood pressure is the highest number. Systolic blood pressure increases as arteries stiffen with age. When it's high, it's a risk factor for heart disease. By producing nitric oxide, resveratrol lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. (16)(17)

Resveratrol and Vision

The vascular-enhancing properties of resveratrol may enhance eye microcirculation, thereby helping to prevent ocular diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Worldwide, such conditions are responsible for the prevalence of vision loss. (18)