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“There isn’t enough room if I had an entire notebook to write about all of the changes we’ve seen in Mandy. Her motor planning is probably the most drastically improved after sustaining her head injury. She can run and play with other children happily, without hesitating and just observing for a few minutes first. She has gained confidence and control. She no longer has temper tantrums. We can take her to any social event without fear of emotional outbursts. She is happy almost everywhere and able to self regulate in sensory stimulating environments. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help Many and our entire family.”

Patricia about her daughter Mandy

Alicia is able to tolerate more movement, spinning and bouncing. If she does become dysregulated with these activities, she is able to calm herself more quickly. She is able to go without her noise canceling headphones-even in noisy restaurants and at church. The noise seems to not affect her behavior at all during or afterwards. She has also improved her throwing and visual targeting skills and can catch a ball so much more easily.”

Janice about her daughter Alicia.