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I no longer have double vision when working and I have minimal to no eye fatigue, allowing me to enjoy hours of reading without having to deal with dry, watery, and strained eyes when staring hours on end at the computer. My eye muscles have become stronger and I can switch from images far away to images that are close up without strain, and also quickly. I can't remember life without my eyes interfering and am so excited for the future.


Max’s reading evaluations through school have improved by 3 levels since starting working with Vision Training and Dr. Appelbaum! He now has gotten 100%’s on all of his spelling tests since the new year and recently straight A’s for the first time ever. Most importantly to me, what a turn around in this kid’s confidence! My only complaint is that I wish we had come to you sooner.

-Barbara A. about her son Max A.

Since I started coming to the “Eye Gym” I have put in a lot of effort into making sure my time was well spent and immediately found improvement in my everyday life. I have seen spectacular changes with not only my scholastic requirements but with my balance in the sports that I do everyday. My goals for Vision Therapy have been met in that I can actively use my right eye in reading and writing and my depth perception is night and day different! I’m stoked for the changes I’ve seen and what my future holds now that my eyes and brain are on the same page together.

-Cameron D

When I started Vision Therapy, I couldn’t drive, had to withdraw from University, and had no confidence in my vision after an unfortunate incident caused me to be unable to see in one eye. After 4 months of Vision Therapy I'm back at school, driving, and playing sports. Dr Appelbaum has been the only person who believed in me and that my vision would improve and I have had amazing results. The headaches, blurry vision, and confidence issues have all subsided and my vision has dramatically improved.

-Lindsey G

I have seen so much improvement, with a noticeable leap in the last couple of months. I've been to the grocery store, with my toddler, and been largely without dizziness. I've noticed a big difference in how long it takes me to bounce back from fatigue, and I can end a day with symptoms and then sleep it off and start the next day feeling pretty fresh. Headaches and facial pain and pressure are much better-some days totally gone! Thinking and processing information is also way better. I feel much more connected and able to read and react to work quickly.


I feel like I can perform more efficiently at work and staring at the computer and no longer need to take a nap in the middle of my workday. Most excitingly, my golf game has become drastically more consistent. I no longer miss putts to the right, can judge distances better, and now can actually visualize the shot I want to execute beforehand like my instructor has been trying to teach me to do for years.

-Tom G

For the first time since I’ve been wearing glasses, I can now see up close without them. I have not had a headache from reading or the computer since I started working with Dr Appelbaum. My ability to remember certain things has gotten much better. I have noticed an easier time focusing.

-Jake W

Overall my double vision has majorly decreased. I can read much faster and pay attention longer in school. It’s easier to see things up close to my face and far away. My vision is overall clearer and I can now complete my assignments much faster. Sports are also much easier and the ball is never double now.

-Lily D

Since we started working with Dr. Appelbaum, my son can now ride his bike safely with other riders around, his coordination has dramatically improved, and he doesn't bump into things all the time like he used to! The icing on the cake is that we can no longer tell if he has or has not taken his ADHD medication.

- Jen C About her son Ryan C

Alisa is able to tolerate more movement and spinning and if she does become disregulated with these activities, she is able to calm herself more quickly. She is able to go without her noise canceling headphones, even in noisy restaurants and at church. She has improved her throwing and targeting skills and can catch a ball so much more easily.

-Janet H Aabout her daughter Alisa H

Kate’s overall vision has improved a lot. We had been told that she had astigmatism but with Vision Therapy, these issues have resolved. She spends more time without her glasses on now and can actually see! Kate also experiences much less car sickness. She has significantly improved her reading stamina and has much less reading involved headaches.

-Elizabeth D About her daughter Katherine D

The biggest change I’ve seen in Eli since starting Vision Therapy is his reading. Before starting, he was extremely reluctant to try to read and he struggled a lot. Now he’s a reading machine! He’s reading long chapter books with small print well above grade level. Now reading is his favorite activity.

–Mom About her son Eli T

He reads! And he sits still doing it! We used to struggle with sitting still because he needed to move around to be able to see the letters properly. Also, he would be so resistant to any suggestions or reading. Almost immediately after we started VT, he began reading spontaneously without coaxing or encouragement. Glorious!

-Javier M About son Lucas M

There isn’t enough room if I had an entire notebook to write about all of the changes we’ve seen in Mandy. Her motor planning is probably the most drastically improved after sustaining her head injury. She can run and play with other children happily, without hesitating and just observing for a few minutes first. She has gained confidence and control. She no longer has temper tantrums. We can take her to any social event without fear of emotional outbursts. She is happy almost everywhere and able to self regulate in sensory stimulating environments. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help Many and our entire family.

Patricia about her daughter Mandy

Alicia is able to tolerate more movement, spinning and bouncing. If she does become dysregulated with these activities, she is able to calm herself more quickly. She is able to go without her noise canceling headphones-even in noisy restaurants and at church. The noise seems to not affect her behavior at all during or afterwards. She has also improved her throwing and visual targeting skills and can catch a ball so much more easily.

Janice about her daughter Alicia.