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Improved Reading

10-20% of concussions end up leaving the individual with symptoms that linger and as much as ⅓ of these symptoms are visual. What that means is that vision is often the missing piece. Concussion is frequently associated with Oculomotor Dysfunction, specifically abnormalities of saccades (eye jumps) and pursuit eye movements (smooth tracking). When this occurs, symptoms such as losing your place when reading, skipping words, skipping or repeating lines, rereading, and reduced reading comprehension become the new normal and clearly impact reading fluency. Life does not need to stay this way.

Research suggests over 50% of patients with concussion or post-concussion syndrome have visual problems. Since vision is so pervasive throughout the brain and represented in every lobe, it’s more likely than not that vision will be impacted by a brain injury. When this is the case, the simplest tasks become daunting and activities of daily living are disrupted. Improving quality of life and recovering these visual abilities after a concussion requires re-establishing brain function. The concussed brain needs to learn how to coordinate, integrate, and filter information from all of the senses. Vision should be the dominant learning sense and the sense that ties together all of these systems to derive meaning from our world and direct the appropriate action.

In working with us, you can learn how to retrain the brain to return to previous level of function, return to learn, and return to life!