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We do not outgrow eye muscle problems.   

The control of eye movements requires the highest degree of motor precision. In order to use the two eyes together as a team, the brain must coordinate the extraocular muscles perfectly if we are to see comfortably and efficiently. Accurate visual tracking allows us to quickly and effectively move our eyes along a line of print and move our eyes from one point in space to another.   

Saccadic disorders:  Saccades are voluntary changes in eye position from one point in space to another. These are the essential eye jumps needed to track from word to word while reading or change visual attention when driving or playing sports.

Pursuit Disorders:  Pursuits are the type of eye movement necessary to hold fixation and follow a moving object. These are the critical eye movements necessary to keep your eye on the ball in sports or track something as it moves.

Fixation Disorders:  Fixations are the ability to sustain visual attention at one particular point in space without moving the eyes to peripheral distraction. These are crucial to establishing and maintaining eye contact and can reduce the need to make extra unnecessary eye movements. 

Poor tracking abilities can cause numerous problems with reading including loss of place, skippings words, skipping or repeating lines, excessive head movement when reading, confusing one word with another, careless errors, poor reading comprehension, problems with attention while reading, and having to use a finger or marker to keep place when reading.