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 5-HTP Serotonin Support by Vision First 

For those looking to improve their sleep and wake cycles, Vision First 5-HTP with Calcium is the answer. This 100% natural supplement uses 5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, to encourage the synthesis of serotonin in your body, a key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating endocrine and brain activity.

Supporting the necessary serotonin production can help you sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed and alert daily. With regular use of Vision First 5-HTP with Calcium, you can enjoy better quality sleep with improved overall health and well-being. This professional-grade supplement is a safe and effective way to address your sleep/wake needs in an all-natural and holistic way. Get the restful sleep you deserve and support healthy endocrine functions with Vision First 5-HTP with Calcium today.  

Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) – Your body relies on calcium for many of its basic functions. Your body needs calcium for circulating blood, moving muscles, and releasing hormones. Additionally, calcium helps your brain send messages throughout your body. Calcium is also essential for bone and tooth health. You get strong and dense bones from it. Calcium is stored in your bones. (1)

Calcium carbonate is made up of 40% elemental calcium. Physically active people, including athletes, military personnel, and manual workers, may benefit from calcium. Blood pH levels drop during intense exercise as lactate levels rise. When calcium isn't available, the body releases calcium from bones, which increases bone loss. During these times of intense strain on the body and skeletal system, calcium supplements may be helpful. (2)

5-Hydroxytryptophan (from Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract) - Your body naturally produces hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) as an amino acid. Serotonin, a chemical messenger that sends signals between nerve cells, is produced by your body from it. Many health problems are associated with low serotonin levels, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and weight gain. It may therefore be beneficial to increase your body's production of serotonin. (3)(4)

5-HTP supports increased feelings of fullness, making you eat less and lose weight as a result. Losing weight can increase the production of hormones that make you feel hungry. Long-term weight loss may be difficult due to constant hunger.  It may work to suppress appetite and help you lose weight by counteracting these hunger-inducing hormones. Twenty people with diabetes were randomly assigned to receive 5-HTP or a placebo for two weeks in one study. Compared to the placebo group, those who received 5-HTP consumed approximately 435 fewer calories per day. (5)(6)

There has been extensive research on the effects of 5-HTP on depression symptoms. It is unclear what causes depression, but some scientists believe serotonin imbalance may play a role. 

Serotonin Support

Serotonin levels are believed to be increased by 5-HTP supplements. Studies have found that 5-HTP reduces depression symptoms. In two of them, placebos were not used for comparison, limiting the strength of their findings. (7)(8)(9)

Migraines, which are often accompanied by nausea or disturbed vision, are said to be helped by 5-HTP. There is debate about the exact cause of these disorders, but some researchers believe low levels of serotonin are to blame.  The effectiveness of 5-HTP and methysergide, a common migraine medication, was studied in 124 people.  The study found that supplementing with 5-HTP daily for six months prevented or significantly decreased migraine attacks in 71% of participants. (10)(11)

Melatonin can be produced by 5-HTP by converting it into serotonin. Sleep is regulated by melatonin. When it rises in the evening, it promotes sleep, and when it drops in the morning, it wakes you up. By increasing melatonin production, 5-HTP may promote sleep. The combination of 5-HTP and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) has been shown to reduce falling asleep time, increase sleep duration, and improve sleep quality in human studies.  GABA, a chemical messenger, promotes relaxation. It may have a synergistic effect when combined with 5-HTP. The combination of 5-HTP and GABA improves sleep quality in several studies. (12)(13)(14)

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