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Concussion Clear

Return To Learn And

Return To Life

Reorganize The Brain Post Concussion To Support Reading And Computer Engagement

Are you a student struggling to return to learn?

Are you a highly motivated professional desperately looking to return to work?

Are you unable to navigate the chaos of life looking to return to your pre concussion state?

Its Time You Put Your Brain First

In Working With Us You Will

  • Rewire the software in your brain to regain superior brain fitness and performance.
  • Reboot eye tracking, focus, and eye coordination with vision training to support efficient reading and learning

  • Enhance eye-brain integration and visual processing with vision training for optimal mental acuity

  • Dial in the right supplements for you to support optimal brain function and equilibrium.

  • Become empowered to choose the right foods to support mental clarity and improved energy.

  • Become empowered to choose the right foods to clear brain fog, have unlimited energy, and support brain health.

Expected Transformations


No More
Moving Words

Visual Fatigue

Eat to Support
Brain Health

Common Vision Problems That Can Arise From a Concussion

Become Empowered


  • Reading Reluctance
  • Screen Avoidance
  • Tired Blurry Eyes
  • Fatigue, Foggy and Headaches
  • Ignoring Food Impact on Physical and Mental Health



  • Avid Reader
  • Screen Productivity
  • Eagle Eyes
  • Energized and Able to Focus
  • Empowered with Food Choices to Support Optimal Brain Function and Wellbeing


Don't Wait!

You’ve Suffered Enough

We only accept a low number of clients every quarter. To ensure you are considered for the next round with Dr. Bryce Appelbaum please fill out the questionarie by clicking learn more.

  • Can't interact with my children
  • Missing out on life
  • Get back to my life's passions
  • Alone in my house
  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness
  • Sensory Overload
  • Change my interests in life
  • Can't hold down a job
  • Can't get a job
  • Fogginess, headaches and eyestrain
  • Blurry Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Nausea, dizzy
  • Motion Sensitivity
  • Reading Problems
  • Loss of place reading, words moving
  • Reduced comprehension
  • Memory problems
  • Avoidance of screens
  • Fatigue, irritability
  • Frustration
  • Self Pity

If you said yes to any of these - something may have been overlooked. Please go to Step 2.

You have made it this far. Now please go a little further and Apply for the Concussion Clear program offered by Dr. Bryce Appelbaum.

See what they are saying

"I no longer have double vision when working and I have minimal to no eye fatigue, allowing me
to enjoy hours of reading without having to deal with dry, watery, and strained eyes when staring
hours on end at the computer. My eye muscles have become stronger and I can switch from
images far away to images that are close up without strain, and also quickly. I can't remember
life without my eyes interfering and am so excited for the future."

- Richard

"Max’s reading evaluations through school have improved by 3 levels since starting working with
Vision Training and Dr. Appelbaum! He now has gotten 100%’s on all of his spelling tests since
the new year and recently straight A’s for the first time ever. Most importantly to me, what a turn
around in this kid’s confidence! My only complaint is that I wish we had come to you sooner."


-Barbara A. about her son Max A.

"For the first time since I’ve been wearing glasses, I can now see up close without them. I have
not had a headache from reading or the computer since I started working with Dr Appelbaum.
My ability to remember certain things has gotten much better. I have noticed an easier time



-Jake W